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Bright Young Things DVD (WIDESCREEN) Comedy Romance Movie Emily Mortimer

Bright Young Things DVD (WIDESCREEN) Comedy Romance Movie Emily Mortimer



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-> This is a WIDESCREEN version of the movie.
-> Sale is COMPLETE with DVD disc, CASE, and CASE ARTWORK!!
-> All DVDs for sale are not bootlegs or copies. This is a legitimate release.


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Additional Information about Bright Young Things (DVD, 2005)

Based on VILE BODIES, the novel by Evelyn Waugh, this colorful trifle is set in 1920s London at the height of its raucous swing era, when society balls and bacchanalian behavior were all the rage. Adam (Stephen Campbell Moore) is a young, carefree writer whose circle of eccentric friends keep him out at parties all night long. Wild costumes, dancing, cocktails, cocaine, and positively "divine" company make a life of neverending revelry totally attainable. While Adam never seems to have a dime in his pocket, he does not seem to care. The only thing he risks is the opportunity to marry his glamorous sweetheart Nina (Emily Mortimer) whose father insists she wed for financial gain. In an effort to appease Nina and her father, Adam gleans a few dollars from his job as a gossip columnist, until his intimidating boss (Dan Aykroyd) fires him for inventing fashion trends. But every dollar makes is lost within no time at all on whimsical materialistic purchases and risky endeavors such as betting on horses. Finally the war starts, bringing the decadence to a disturbing halt and forcing Adam to finally sober up. A quaint period piece full of jumping Charleston music and stylish suits and gowns, Stephen Fry's BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS is light and easily digestible entertainment.

Product Details
Number of Discs: 1
Rating: R (MPAA)
Film Country: United Kingdom
UPC: 794043779022
Additional Details
Genre: Comedies
Format: DVD

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