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Explorations & Adventures DVD Brand New! (WIDESCREEN) Action Adventure

Explorations & Adventures DVD Brand New! (WIDESCREEN) Action Adventure



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Additional Information about Explorations & Adventures (DVD, 2010)
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This set brings into one collection three low-budget features from different years woven around the theme of exotic adventure - and all suitable for younger audiences. The first, TREASURE ISLAND, is actually a British musical adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's seminal adventure novel of the same title, produced in 1982 and originally entitled TREASURE ISLAND: THE MUSICAL; it stars Frank Gorshin as Ben Gunn, Piers Eady as Jim Hawkins and Bernard Miles as Captain Long John Silver. The 1987 CRY WILDERNESS, a direct-to-video saga produced the same year as the studio hit HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS, has a theme virtually identical to HARRY: a young boy named Paul Cooper discovers and bonds with a Bigfoot-like creature inhabiting a forest, but must protect the animal from the guns of his game hunter father. And finally, the direct-to-video OUTLAW TRAIL rests on the premise that the legendary Butch Cassidy actually didn't die in Bolivia -- he returned to the United States, under a pseudonym, with a fortune in Ortega gold. A freewheeling young boy named Roy Parker discovers an ancient belt buckle that belonged to his Uncle Leroy and grows convinced that Leroy and Butch were one in the same; Roy then sets out to retrieve the outlaw's hidden treasure with his best pal and his girlfriend in tow. Ryan Kelley and Arielle Kebbel star and Ryan Little directs.

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Number of Discs: 1
Rating: PG (MPAA)
UPC: 625828508301
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Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: DVD



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